Application to Defer the Start of Studies

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Deferring the start of studies

If there are special reasons, the university may decide in individual cases that a person admitted to studies at foundation or advanced level at the university is allowed to defer starting the studies (HF 7:33). What may be considered special reasons for deferring as well as the time for which a delay may be allowed is stated in (UHRFS 2013:3).

Special reasons

  • Social reasons. Shall be documented by a personal letter and a certificate. 
  • Medical reasons. Shall be documented with a medical certificate.
  • Care of child. Shall be documented with the child’s birth certificate. 
  • Military or civilian service. Shall be documented with a certificate.
  • Students’ union work. The students’ union involved shall confirm that the work covers at least half time.
  • Deferred leave in accordance with the Employee’s Right to Educational Leave Act (SFS 1974:981). Documented through a decision by the employer not to allow the requested leave.

Deferment at the University of Borås

  • If you are required to pay tuition fees you must pay the first instalment of tuition before the deadline in order for your application for deferment of studies to be assessed. Should your deferral request be granted you must then apply for a refund of the tuition fee
  • At the University of Borås, a deferment in starting studies is in the first instance allowed for studies within study programmes.
  • A deferment is normally allowed until the next time the programme starts.
  • The deferment period may amount at most to 18 months, unless there are special reasons for a longer period.
  • The admitted student shall also accept the place to study on  within the set time and register on
  • A person who has been allowed to defer starting studies shall state his/her intention to start studies by sending in a new application no later than the last day of application for the studies. A copy of the deferment decision must be uploaded using the uploading function on

Case procedure

  • A confirmation including a reference number will indicate that the application is submitted.
  • An application is normally processed within a week
  • If you need to submit further documents, you will be contacted per telephone.
  • The decision will be sent by e-mail.

Protected identity

If you have protected identity, you should instead contact Admission

Application form
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  • Note! Documents sent to the university are deemed to be public and may be issued if anyone so requests. Alternatively, the certificates can be displayed to an administrator at the university.

  • Information about the processing of personal data

    Information that you provide about yourself on the form will be processed by the University to deal with your case. When the processing is complete, the information will be retained in accordance with the current record retention and disposal policy and decisions. The University of Borås is the data controller for the processing, which takes place pursuant to Article 6.1 (e) of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. 

    You have the right to access the personal data processed about you (a so-called register extract) and request correction or deletion of the data. You also have the right to object to the processing and request that processing be restricted. These rights are not unconditional and cannot always be met, for example the University’s ability to delete information is limited.

    If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or want to use any of your rights, you are welcome to contact the University. 

    If you are dissatisfied with how your personal data is processed, you can contact the University’s data protection officer by email to 

    You also always have the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, which is the supervisory authority.